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A New Take on the Traditional Danish Pancakes
 a cookbook with alternatives for all

With over 200 recipes, 130 photographs and a sprinkling of colorful illustrations,

this is a culinary adventure loaded with visual impressions. 


A plate of æbleskiver can be as basic as simple pancakes served with butter and syrup or with jam and whipped cream. They can also be closer in texture and flavor to muffins or bread buns, the possibilities are endless. This dynamic celebration of the sphere shaped pancakes blur the line between traditional and contemporary. Inclusive of multiple dietary options, find sweet and savory creations for any time of day, from breakfast to brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert.​

Scandinavian - Multi Diet Options - Brunch - Breakfast

Cast Iron - Baking - Bread - Natural Food Cooking

written, photographed & illustrated by pim pauline overgaard



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